Ancient Egypt Meets Interactive Technology!

Today is a fabulous day of costumes for Ancient Civilisations Day. If you walk through Ks2 you’ll find yourself traveling back in time through Ancient Greece, Mexico, Rome and into Egypt in Y4!

This morning I switched our Y4 Computing sessions to ‘Discover Ancient Egypt’ which comprises a range of totally captivating interactive activities from The Museum of Scotland.

A big congratulations to the NMS, each activity is carefully thought out and had our classes fixated with concentration.

What were our favourites? :

The Three Pyramids created a real drive to persevere and ‘make it’ past the scorpions, cobras, collecting resin, and gifts for the gods. Once you have collected all you need, you are granted a key that opens the Mummy’s Chamber. Fantastic stuff and a good reason for our students to push themselves and finally, to experience an ‘I did it!’ moment.
Top Tip : space bar to jump and watch out for the Scorpions and Cobras.

Tomb Adventure >
Descend into the tomb by a bucket, press on the flame to create a torch and move around the tomb to discover artifacts e.g crynopic jars and hieroglyphs.

Dress like an Egyptian >
Click and drag jewellery, clothing, shoes and headgear onto an Egyptian lady or gentleman.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics>
Use the clues to discover what on a stone inscription.




2 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt Meets Interactive Technology!

  1. Interesting – looks great! When you say you switched your computing classes for “Discover Ancient Egypt” what do you mean? That they were off timetable for that day/ that week or is this part of the “digital texts” section of the curriculum – or is it humanities? Or are you recognising the essential cross-curricular potnetial of this kind of work…? Thanks for this post!


  2. Thanks John, by ‘switched’ I mean that the planned objectives for the day [working ahead on designing digital comics about an Egyptian Museum field trip with ComicLife] were changed to digital research activities as part of a range of activities in the department for Egyptian Day.
    Yes, an example of cross-curricula potential, which reinforces Humanities knowledge utilising skills in digital literacy. Although free-choice activities, students are consolidating their ability to SafeSearch, make appropriate choices, use visual cues to navigate around the links and tasks and save or export their work.

    A nice parallel – ancient civilisation meets 2014 tech. No need to carve answers on tablets, but ironically as Flash-based – not able to run on tablets of today !


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