Digital Leaders Take on Hall Media Tech > [Revised April 2015]

As the world embraced Cyber Monday and the media reported record financial takings, I was reminded that some of the most warming words that show us how students feel about their learning, are at the opposite end of the scale and are literally ‘priceless’.

The theme of the morning ‘Sinterklaas is round and about’, we sang Sinterklaas Kapoentje, shared Pepernoten and acted out some of the traditions that go with this week’s festivities. While all this was going on, my brand new Digital Leaders [DLers] sat on the edge of their seats, not to join in the singing, which they did beautifully, but to watch for the signal from the Deputy Head when they wanted the next screen cueing. Quietly competitive, our youngest DLers whispered with each other about whose turn was next, and pored over the sound deck, checking that they could still see channel 11-12 in readiness for the soundtrack when needed.
Before we started they helped me check that the laptop was connected, cd cued and beamer channel on via our new hall media deck, where the front of hall screen is run via media at the back of hall, with VGA, sound and lighting patched round the space.

What was different about today? Two weeks ago I ran a Digital Citizenship assembly in KS1 & 2, promoting appropriate behaviour when interacting with technology and bigged up our 2013-14 Digital Leader teams. Today was the first time that students took on the job of new assembly tech with me leading, next week I change seats, and they move to over to take charge.

Priceless? Of my two helpers, one quietly observed all and nodded, the other, fizzingly vocal, jumped up and with eyes wide said “This a REALLY BiG opportunity Miss Iles!! Who can an we go and tell [NOW] about what we did???” Listening to their accounts as they relayed their excitement to various teachers said it all, I’m looking forward to seeing them run the show next week …

How do we pass it on? We’ve started making ‘How to’ video clips to help teachers learn to use the sound and lighting deck too.

Over the past three years I have developed leadership opportunities for students from Year 3-6 who are responsible for many school technology jobs. This year we welcome KS1 DLers into the mix – more to follow on how our DL teams work.

In 2015, JSL Digital Leaders are still going strong, although the demographic has changed and we have Y3,4 as core DLers, Y5 on Performance and Hall Tech & Y6s leading House Events and iPad>AppleTV presentations.

diagonal mixing-console-also-called-audio-mixer-sound-board-mixing-deck-or-mixer-is-an-electronic-device


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