Why I love Twitter – PD & PLN on tap. 


Two weeks ago my journey to school took a different route. Ten thousand, four hundred and eighty-five kilometres away, I jumped in a cab and headed off to meet colleagues and students in Lima, Peru.

Three months earlier, I began researching my summer trip to Peru. The primary focus was taking some solid timeout, enjoying travel, food and photography. Along with the recharge, I decided to take the opportunity to visit other global schools to share professional experience and build links.

I came across a tweet sharing a post from the 21st Century Learning International website, describing an American Academy. Over the last two years I’ve been thrilled to work with the 21CL Hong Kong team and presented this year at the 8th 21CLHK Conference.

As I read the linked post it turned out to be just what I was looking for! The school mentioned was already on my list to research and the blog post expanded upon it’s impressive technological and educational track record in digital media projects with high school students.

From that one tweet, Twitter enabled me to quickly connect with 6 new colleagues, to source a few Lima/Peru feeds to join, to build connections and plans for collaboration.    The result: in the last week of my trip, I worked with technology leaders and students at the Innovation Academy, Collegio Roosevelt, Lima.

From here, my Twitter journey revealed a variety of information that took me on a varied, yet very productive learning journey.

Next: I explored resources on 3 different media sources, learning some new things in the process via sites or posts linked to tweets or Twitter accounts, as well as collating some sites for further research.

This is where Twitter is brilliant! Short, sharp snippets or links that lead you to explore in whichever direction you choose. Depending on the time you have available [time can fly very quickly as you get caught up in the wealth of info at your fingertips, so I’d suggest setting yourself a timeframe!]

Once you’ve learnt something new, then Twitter is the perfect place to Like, Quote and Retweet. Sharing your findings with others acknowledges useful content, and brings opportunity to expand your PLN [Personal Learning Network].

It literally is PD on tap.

Twitter has become my ‘go to place’, a first stop before Google.

What’s the difference? On Twitter, searches will bring forth a wealth of interconnected tweets. It shows you users/accounts tagged on a topic and, at a glance, you can see which followers are joining in a given topic area, etc.

The original 140 character count supports concise content, which at it’s best, is accompanied by a well chosen image. It’s this combination that determines whether a tweet catches my attention.

On Twitter, information is easily explorable within one forum, versus Google search that provides a range of individual sources to explore.

> >  –  < <

Here are just a few examples of accounts and tweets encountered on this particular Twitter meander:

@HTHFoundation – High Tech High Foundation (HTHF) is a 501(c)3 NPO supporting the community of High Tech High public charter schools. Focused on high-quality public education.

@Adobe – Changing the world through digital experiences. A wealth of info and link to blog at http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/

‘Why Design-led brands are thriving’adobe1

‘Tips to improve your strategy with visual marketing’adobe2

Image looked familiar – is it HK? ‘Captivating Cinemagraphs’adobe4

@Behance #WorldGraphicDesignDay Project Examples


‘Instagram: editing secrets that make a big difference’


@creativecloud  – Adobe Creative Cloud blog on Instagram editing secrets.

Lastly, the feature ‘top instagrammers’ post led me to discover several photographers of interest.  Elise Swopes – Jordan HerschelJerm_CohenGriffin Lamb.






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