#Quote of the Day

Children notice far more than we realise, and readily infer information from the world around them.

Talking with Year 2 students to find out what types of messaging they are familiar with. Here are some of their quotes, the first one is quite telling!

“Messaging is when you are nearly don’t have any battery left in your phone, and you don’t [really] want to speak to someone, so you quickly send them lots of messages, one after another.”

“You can send a message to Santa, so he’s knows that you are not going to be at your house at Xmas when you are travelling.”

“It’s writing something to tell people how you are.”

“It’s a voice message, like a video that you send to people, sometimes with your phone.”

“A card where you write from who to who, and the place and the house and the city where you are [address].”

“You send it to someone then that person knows where you are going or if you are doing something different [from what was planned].”


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