Join the Conversation: New CPD Challenge in 2017?

10 Online Learning Courses to Inspire You …

A new year welcomes the opportunity to embrace new ideas, refresh our thinking and reach for new goals. At school, I like to start the year’s teaching by introducing some new tools to students. In January, one of these was, a digital timeline with lots of cross-topic possibilities.

Professionally, it’s a time to update objectives and evaluate projects. 2017, for me, is both The Year of the Rooster, and The Year of the Dissertation. One of my  #LearningGoals is to negotiate, plan and conduct research to complete the MA in Digital Media, Culture & Education.

When the latest Coursera and FutureLearn, free online learning courses landed in my inbox last week, I happily scanned through the topics. There are some great MOOCs on offer! In my experience, MOOCs support flexible study by enabling you to work at your own pace, and to craft learning to fit around your personal commitments and schedule.

I’ve collated a Top 10 selection of courses that start from January 2017 that include topics of #education, #technology, #wellbeing, #linguistics, #programming, #research, #DesignThinking.

To access the Top 10 go to this link to read my Smore bulletin, which also outlines what I feel are the advantages of learning online.

In the workplace, when we discuss either personal learning, or Continuing Professional Development [CPD] one question appears regularly – how to share what we’ve learnt, once we’ve learnt it? In other words, how can individual learning be shared to greater advantage, with new knowledge and skills being passed on to create wider learning in the community.

There is nothing more powerful than engaging in shared thinking, and collaboration. In MOOCs students contribute to forums and share examples of their own learning journey. In this context, the online environment creates a space to be both teacher and learner, disruptor, & critical thinker with peers within a Zone of Proximal Development.

As we begin 2017, I am really interested to find out more from other professionals about the kinds of learning goals you are setting, and to generate some Twitter chatter about it.

Have you set yourself a learning goal for this year ?

Are you:

  • Planning to enhance your professional understanding and skills portfolio?
  • Part of a learning network /organisation which you think would be a useful #connection for other professionals?
  • Would you like to share recommendations about courses and projects you are engaged in?

If Yes : please JOIN the conversation by tagging #LearningGoals to @Araidigi, or leave comments on the blog post.




4 thoughts on “Join the Conversation: New CPD Challenge in 2017?

  1. I have a huge goal well actually 2 I will let myself follow what I would like to do for the years to come and 1 is a videogame designer for which I am using Edx and coursera to learn this software call Unity and the other one is become a tattoo artist for which I am using YouTube tutorials. For me Edtech or even media allows me to be whatever I want to so since this is the year of the Rooster that simbolizes hard work and achievement I think is the best to start these 2 goals oh and also increase the users of my project of Spanish/Japanese/English culture in my Facebook group Gengoal

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    1. Thanks Vree, interesting to hear the online tools you have used to achieve your #LearningGoals. Also notice the global learning aspect, developing projects in UK, Mexico & Japan, multilingually. Thank you for posting!


  2. A great article and a timely reminder about both the importance of continuing professional development and having it fit into our busy daily schedules. Last year I undertook major CPD by training to become a Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation as I have set up my own business to help children and families solve problems and becoming a private tutor here on the Costa del Sol.

    This year my main focus is getting my website and blog into the first page on google through learning more / EVERYTHING about SEO, Facebook / Social Media such as Twitter and professsional networking through LinkedIn. I’m currently involved in Sarah Arrow’s #saraharrow 30 Day Blogging Challenge: which gives daily tips on how to improve your business if it is aimed at helping families. This collectively is a HUGE goal so I know it will take consistent work each day.

    I’m almost finished with the editting of a book which I am co-authoring so my second goal is to get that finished and published in the next week or 2.

    Thanks for the great article on #LearningGoals



    1. Thank you for posting Andrea, what an impressive set of #LearningGoals! Congratulations on becoming an accredited coach and launching your website.

      I like the way you reference growth mindset in setting yourself a challenge that requires consistent investment. Embracing ‘EVERYTHING about SEO, Facebook / Social Media’ as well as professional networking through LinkedIn, is almost a full-time job in itself.

      Thanks for sharing the blogging resource that you found inspiring: 30 Day Blogging Challenge:

      Co-authoring and publishing a book is a very exciting milestone, I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of the proofs and look forward to seeing the final version. Rachel


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