Writing on the Road, the Mobile Office & Travel Wifi.

Up early today to drop of rental car and jump on a bus. My mobile office is literally on the move. Heading into the hills towards Granada, the bus costing less than 14 euros welcomed me with free wifi, a snack pack and headphones, love it!

It’s half term and am simultaneously having a break, catching up with friends and finishing a film assignment that is due at the end of the week. It goes without saying that this combination is interwoven with great food, wine and landscapes!

What’s not to love and how does it help me recharge?

While I’m definitely not switched off, having retweeted De Ferrers Academy (‏@deferrers)  whose recent OFSTED report praised their success at 1:1 iPad program, a topic close to my heart, I notice Twitter threads about right tools, wellbeing and appropriate assessment being stitched together.

I acknowledge the continuing conversations. However, I’m parking them a little further away in the distance & zoning out as this week is about fresh input, wrapping up the assignment and my reflections on the process, theories and “art coeffient”. This involves a healthy debate about film-making and film education as ‘meaning making’ versus ‘makeability’, or media literacy and/or as an art form, or a combination of these.

When I travel, or take a break, I’m reminded of what gives me new energy. When I’m writing, I love to work in cafés with a buzz of people around. Yesterday’s spot was a wonderful little restaurant, with cheeky, friendly staff and amazing food. Spanish adds another dimension and a warm, chatty atmosphere.


This week, I’ve been talking to a few people this week about their experience of co-working spaces. One of my friends has just signed up for a monthly fee to join a co-space which sits on the route between two of her main contracts. It offers a space with robust wifi – a minimum requisite, opportunities to network with other businesses and optimizes working time in a professional space in between driving.

I’ve used such spaces in other countries, in Lima, London and Hong Kong, and the idea appeals more and more.

Why am I thinking about this now, and what is it about being on the move that brings new insight or ideas?  In a coaching sense, physically moving to seeing things from a different perspective, location or mindset shifts your thought patterns, breaks routine, making you more effective in shorter time blocks – all good productivity pluses!

As I continue to write this post in transit, I’m conscious that this bus mobile wifi is way faster than my Ziggo at home in NL, which often lags!

Mountains are in site as we leave Malaga and head north …


Arriving in Granada, after a walk through bustling streets in the sunshine, I’ve just landed at my next writing venue. It was definitely a good decision to be assignment writing somewhere away from home. No reflection needed on that front!

Installed and surrounded by history, buildings you wish could speak, with a view like this from my window, & coffee within reach…

How can you fail to be inspired – here goes!

The Alhambra, Granada.

I decided to take a long walk and explore [Fitbit tells me 12, 100 steps], take some photos, try a few local foodie treats and this evening have been super focused as a result.

What works for you?

Please leave a comment if you would like to contribute :

  • great ideas on how to recharge on teaching/work breaks, or
  • suggest great co-working spaces around the world that you have used or been recommended.

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