y6-answergdnRachel is a Learning Technology Manager at The British School in the Netherlands.

An experienced international school leader, she is responsible for curriculum design, mobile learning and CPD while keeping an operational perspective across age-phases.

Rachel leads Computing, the integration of new technologies and holds a strategic role within a cross-school team for future planning and evaluation of the impact of technology on learning.

She strongly believes there is no boundary to the creative means by which students can exceed expectations and author ideas voluntarily to show us what they know, think and feel. Her research and curriculum design reflects the importance of creating real-life experiences that develop learners as people, who carry with them digital intelligence to make responsible choices.

As a school leader, Rachel is invested in mobilising staff, coaching and supporting colleagues to develop and capture their contribution to a positive learning culture. She is part of the BSN implementation and training team for BlueSky Education Review Tool and has completed a successful first year implementation and review cycle for all staff on site.

In December 2014, 21st Century Learning International and Pearson, Hong Kong awarded Rachel ‘21st Century Teacher of The Year Finalist 2014’ for “Excellence in the Use of Technology to Support Learning & Teaching”. In 2015, her work with educational technology was recognised by Apple and she became an  Apple Distinguished Educator.

This blog shares her thoughts, adventures and discoveries in learning technology. You can contact Rachel through @Araidigi on Twitter or find out more via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Rachel/Iles.


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