MA Research

Rachel is in the final year of an MA in Digital Media, Culture and Education at the University of London and the London Knowledge Lab. She will be working on ‘Moving Image’ processes at the British Film Institute during Autumn 2016, and will begin her dissertation in Spring 2017.

Her research has included internet cultures, developing online identities, blogging, school-based research on digital game design, communities of practice and digital culture in education.

Internet cultures explored key topics such as:

  • identity and social media
  • digital curation
  • participatory culture
  • the Civic Web
  • affinities and spaces
  • subjectivity and performance
  • education and social media
  • home and school

This influenced her own blogging during 2015-16, exploring new topics, current issues and feedback. Some of the key issues that she pondered in the process were:

  • ensuring that student identity is safeguarded when reflecting on practice in an educational environment
  • juggling roles to enable oneself to post regularly and maintaining consistent input
  • getting drafted ideas posted while still relevant !
  • the importance of tagging
  • making links to other blogs effective
  • building a community of readers/contributors
  • sharing on Twitter/LinkedIn, etc. As authors, when do you feel is ‘the right time’ to broaden blog media reach.

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